Rakaia, Methven, Mayfield, Staveley

Next Worship Services


High on Mayfield’s ‘wish list’ is assistance with its own spiritual development and

1. Have training for the main leaders & Elders in Lay leadership both in ministry and
pastoral work. Youth: seek a suitably qualified leader.
2. Witnessing in the community – initiate study groups on topical issues of
appropriate and current interest. Visit/call on all new comers to the area.
3. Run Eldership training courses, run house groups for the purpose of Bible study
and leadership training. Seek ways of building relationship with the younger
generations, working with young families and youth.
4. Initiate group meetings for the isolated, and lonely, e.g. the elderly, those living
alone, and recent arrivals in the area. Note: there is an increasing floating
population due to changing farming systems.

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