3 Jackson Street, Methven

(03) 302 9316

Form leadership training groups, Bible Study and Outreach groups, reaching out to people of all
ages and all walks of life and showing by example what it is to be a Christian in the present age.
We see it important to seek out and support the elderly and the lonely in our community. Our
Foot Clinic is an invaluable source of friendship for the community’s elderly, as is our regular
participation in the life of Methven House for the Aged. We plan to strengthen these ties.
Increase our community involvement by liaising with organizations such as St Johns
Ambulance, Plunket and local educational facilities to identify and assist those in need. We
could also provide four evening meals for new mothers after they come home from hospital.
Continue to maintain strong ecumenical relationships with other denominations and community
groups. Provide information on Sunday worship for inclusion in the ‘Welcome to Methven’
information packs distributed throughout the hospitality industry and also published in the local
weekly ‘Snowfed’ newspaper.
Forming a strong regional parish will allow us to consider employing someone such as a youth
or community worker to meet ministry and mission needs in the area. There is also opportunity
to confer with local schools as to where we could offer specific assistance.